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9 Jul 1998 Australia生まれ
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31 Mar2002  USA生まれ
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31 Mar2002  USA生まれ
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海/ Kai(3男)
31 Mar2002  USA生まれ
13.5Kg (30Lbs)  

Emlohruo Kennel
Coffs Harbour, AUS

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Maro today 30 Sep 2013
Maro is still here with us ! Almost same body conditions as yesterday, just have a little more difficulty to breath time to time.
A uremic sinus inflammation gives him hard times to breath... Seems uremic toxins are now spreading all over his body... poor Maro
but all day long, he is sleeping peacefully. I should thank to the uremic consciousness.
麻呂は今日も一緒に居てくれます。 昨日までとほぼ大きな変化はないけどより呼吸しづらそうになって来ています。

By looking at his face, looks like he is just sleeping peacefully.
I ハート you, my Maro ハートハートハート

足跡 Kidney Failure in Dogs

| Setsuko | 06:19 | comments (8) | trackback (0) | MARO: Renal failure 腎不全 |
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